What is the BIG COURSE?

The BIG COURSE is back and better than ever. Join us for the BIG COURSE 2.0!

An Intensive 10-week program where you will learn foundational methods in behavioral science and public policy ("behavioral insights"), as well as how to apply behavioral science to government and society. We will use open source and open science methods to learn how to manage data-driven BI projects.

Course Overview

+ Attend regular weekly seminars and modules (2-3 hours per week) and take part in exercises (3-5 hours per week)

+ Access lecture slides and curated behavioral science resources

+ Learn best practices of open source and open science research methods

+ Develop code and analyze data in teams with partners and coaches

+Gain an intermediate level knowledge of behavioral science and public policy

What's New in 2022?

+ Go at your own pace with asynchronous and synchronous learning with the BIG 2022 Cohort!

+ For course participants, 1-year subscription to online content to view workshop materials, lectures, and videos from previous BIG events

+ Flexible course requirements for work/life balance

+ Individual and team coaching sessions

*Course credit may be available for US university students.

When does the course run?

March, April, and May 2022

8 core weeks (March 7 - April 30)

2 optional bonus weeks (May 1 - 14)

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When you request an application, you will receive it via email within 3-5 business days. All applications must be received by February 21, 2022.

Email seminar@behavioralinsightsglobal.org for any questions about the application.

Course Certificate:

Those who wish to receive a certificate for the course must complete the required coursework and modules.

Overview: BIG Course

Core Competencies

Learn the core concepts and approaches that make behavioral insights unique.

  • Nudging in Health, Energy, and Finance
  • Behavioral Science Basics
  • Behavioral Interventions
  • Remote Research Skills
  • Data Analysis and Management
  • Open Source Data Strategies
  • Behavioral Gap Analyses / Behavioral Audits


Learning is social. Engage with others in discussion about key concepts and debates in behavioral science.


Successful completion of the course will be awarded with a certification that can help you signal to future employers that you have immersed yourself with world-class BI practices and principles.

BI Research Toolkit

The course will teach you the basic research skills and tools available for independent research necessary for conducting work with international organizations.

  • Experimental Methods
  • Behavioral Insights Techniques
  • Data Analysis in R
  • Multiple Regression / Hypothesis Testing
  • Open science developments
  • Pre-registration requirements
  • Pre-analysis plans
  • Policy Analysis and Applications

The BIG Syllabus:

Behavioral Science and Public Policy

Behavioral insights are research insights that improve demand-side outcomes of programs or policies and are implemented by governments and large organizations.

Over the course of 10 weeks, we will dive in to the research process and address the following questions:

+ What is the current state of the art/science with respect to behavioral insights?

+ What tools are available online to help researchers design experiments within and across domains (health, finance, and environment)?

+ What challenges are present in behavioral science when it is applied by governments?




Unit 1: BIG Foundations

We begin our quest with bounded rationality, exploring how governmental organizations must meet decision-makers where they are. We will cover nudging in multiple domains, analytical tools for welfare analysis, and explore how behavioral interventions may lead to both desired and undesired outcomes.

+ Foundations of Cognition and Behavior

+ Nudging: Health, Finance, and Energy

+ Behavioral Interventions

+ Theories and Findings in Behavioral Science and Economics

+ Open Science Practices for Independent Scholarship

Unit 2: BI Research Toolkit

We will take the concepts from Weeks 1-4 to 'the road' and see how far they get us. Our goal will be to learn how to pack our bags with only the (digital) tools we need. And then build the confidence to go where the data takes us.

+ Experimental Design with Online Resources

+ Support Network for Analyzing Data

+ Managing Code: Bugs, Errors, and Confidence

+ Open Source Resources for Sharing Code

+ Compile Personal Repository of Digital Tools

Unit 3: Bridging Contexts

In the final part of the course, we trade our roadster for a pair of wings and set out for new horizons. The most damaging critique to behavioral science is its rootedness in context. Where science tries to find general solutions, behavioral solutions are often form-fitted for each specific need. We will look at ways to draw relationships between the various contexts and develop an internal eye for the behavioral insights intuition.

+ Applying Research in Organizations

+ Evaluating Experimental and Scientific Results

+ Policy Analysis with Behavioral Insights

+ Engaging with the Scientific Community

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All applications must be received by February 21, 2022!

Course Certificate:

Those who wish to receive a certificate for the course must complete the required coursework and modules.

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