Academic Research Partners

Many organizations are unaware that they can partner with academic researchers to solve interesting problems. And that researchers are actively searching for opportunities to design academic research studies with a partner organization! (Houston, we have a matching problem.)

What is a research partnership?

A research partnership is a non-consulting, non-profit opportunity for companies to partner with academics to apply theoretical and scientific questions to real-world problems. It is hard for many people to believe, but academics need your help to ask interesting, relevant questions - to make lab research 'real'.

In short, behavioral insights is an academic field of scholarship, which relies on partnerships between companies, governments, and organizations to provide opportunities to students, early career researchers, and professors to conduct interesting, new, and brilliant studies.

Many students and academics rely on partnerships to complete their master's theses, doctoral dissertations, and run field trials of online studies that have been shown to be effective.

While some academics consult to solve problems and are paid as consultants, in general, an academic research partnership is a non-paid opportunity that benefits both parties.

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Will this cost money? No.

No, this will not cost you money, though your organization may want to pay for the implementation of the research, which could cost a small amount if you so choose. In general, however, research costs are a small amount relative to the value and insights that academic research brings to the world including the companies/organizations who sponsor the research.

How will I be connected to a researcher?

This is the hardest part. And we are committed to solving this problem.

1)  Communication: Those who inquire will be contacted by our team with a short introduction call.

2) Transparency: We are currently building out a feature in our community forum for everyone to see any requests that are made public by the requester. Then we will do our best to match prospective companies with academics. Yet we realize this is difficult! So, we wish to allow everyone to see requests in the community page. No one should own access to the community, nor should any one group solely benefit from amazing opportunities to conduct interesting scientific research!

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