Behavioral Data Mentorship Program, Behavioral Insights Global (Part-time) 2019-05-28T00:16:47+00:00

Job description:

Behavioral Insights Global is seeking a data analyst for the Behavioral Data Mentorship Program to assist with behavioral data applications. The Behavioral Data Mentorship Program is designed to invest in students who want to combine their training in behavioral science with training and projects in data science.  The newly selected Data Analyst will join a team of data experts and work with research directors to build out data infrastructure, analyze public and private datasets, and manage data visualizations. It is understood that students will have had limited exposure to data science methodologies, and this is intended as a training opportunity to expand those skills. This is an ideal role for someone who wishes to pursue data science in industry after graduation or with a non-profit in a research capacity. The ideal teammate is willing to roll up one’s sleeves to solve problems on his or her own with minimal guidance, though resources will be provided. This is an unpaid position for an exceptional undergraduate or master’s student with the potential to be converted to a more permanent role.

Data Analyst will be involved in the following activities:

  • Analyze small and large datasets, including public and proprietary data
  • Develop data systems and processes for managing behavioral data
  • Learning the cutting-edge tools in behavioral + data sciences
  • Ability to conduct behavioral research in experimental trials


To apply for the position, follow the contact form and place the subject line as “Re: Behavioral Data Mentorship Program,” attach a CV, and brief statement of interest.