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Job description:

About InClassToday

InClassToday is on a mission to improve student outcomes by reducing absenteeism. We partner with school districts to implement a program that uses behavioral insights to empower parents and guardians with actionable information and has been proven to increase the number of days students are in school. InClassToday is a rapidly growing, well-funded education technology startup, and we’re looking for team members to help us build our culture and processes devoted to supporting our school district clients and the students and families we serve.

About the Role

As Senior Data Analyst with InClassToday, your primary responsibilities will be analyzing student attendance data for our school district partners in order to deliver our Absence Reports program and to help our partners make data-informed decisions about their broader portfolio of attendance strategies.

The role of the Data Analyst begins with the receipt of data from a school district partner’s student information system (SIS). From this initial data export, the analyst is responsible for cleaning the data, manipulating it such that it aligns with our data spec, analyzing it to identify students who would benefit from an Absence Report, and coding the data to populate the most effective content onto individualized Absence Reports.

The Data Analyst is also responsible for monitoring and evaluation of the Absence Reports program, including providing frequent program monitoring information and working with the Program Management team to provide mid-year and end-of-year impact evaluation reports to each of our District Partners. As we work to systematize our monitoring and evaluation process, the Data Analyst will play a major role in designing impact evaluation reports that help our district partners understand the extent to which our program is helping us accomplish our goals.

Finally, the rest of the team will rely on your expertise as our in-house data expert, and will seek your guidance on all data-related issues, from ways to improve our data-to-reports pipeline to the most effective ways to communicate program data to our district partners. One near-term project will be working closely with our engineering team to automate our report production process. In short, in addition to playing a critical role in the production of Absence Reports, you will also play a major part in shaping how data analysis fits in to InClassToday as our organization grows.

What we’re looking for – must have:

Experience managing, analyzing, and manipulating large datasets
Experience handling sensitive data securely
Proficiency using both Stata and R
Excellent statistical analysis skills, preferably with a focus on randomized field experiments
Attention to detail and strong communication and writing skills
Ability to learn new skills quickly on the job
Ability to work with a small, diverse, and highly collaborative research team
Strong understanding of experimental design
What we’re looking for – nice to have:

Experience leading and managing teams, particularly with remote members
Past experience with student level attendance data and student information systems
Monitoring and evaluation experience
Programming (e.g. Python, Ruby, Perl) skills
Past experience with K-12 education and an understanding of challenges faced by the classroom teacher, principal, and district administrator
Past experience in Education Technology
An MA or PhD