Grantwriting and Proposals Associate, Behavioral Insights Global (Part-time) 2019-05-28T01:06:58+00:00

Job description:

Behavioral Insights Global is seeking a Grantwriting and Proposals Associate to assist with current materials, applications and proposals in behavioral sciences. The Associate will synthesize the BIG portfolio to produce persuasive and clear writing for partner organizations. This is an ideal role for someone who wishes to pursue behavioral policy in a research capacity and leverage their grant-writing and applications experience to engage with the behavioral community. Associates receive project-based and commission-based compensation.

Grant-writing and Proposals Associate will be involved in the following activities:

  • Synthesize BIG portfolio content for proposals to small and large organizations, as well as available funding opportunities
  • Develop marketing messages for partner organizations to persuade them about the benefits of behavioral sciences in their organizations
  • Review behavioral research in key topics working with our partners to ensure that teams are clear, accurate, and qualified.


To apply for the position, follow the contact form and place the subject line as “Re: Associate,” attach a CV, and brief statement of interest.