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Mid-level (3-5 years exp.)


Mid-level jobs in behavioral science are designed for those who have extensive experience running behavioral experiments, writing reports, and interacting with clients. These roles offer experienced professionals managerial experience by overseeing teams or units within departments. They often provide more flexibility in terms of the research questions asked and how insights will be applied. These opportunities prepare you for executive-level roles where you will be able to manage budgets, innovate on products, and steer the overall strategic vision of organizations.


Learning Sciences Lead, BetterUp (Full-time)
Grantwriting and Proposals Associate, Behavioral Insights Global (Part-time)
Consultant, Behavioral Insights Global (Part-time)
Behavioral Scientist, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Full-time)
Employee Research Manager (AGILE Analysis and Insights) (Full-time)
Senior Analyst – Consumer Brand Research, Hall & Partners (Full-time)
Staff Scientist – Applied Behavioral Insights, Geisinger Health (Full-time)
Research Manager, U.S. Bank (Full-time)
Behavioral Scientist, Ipsos North America (Full-time)
Quantitative Behavioral Scientist, BetterUp (Full-time)
Behavioral Scientist, Irrational Labs (Full-time)
Behavioral Scientist, Zillow (Full-time)

Behavioral Designer, Busara Center(Full-time)

Behavioral Economics Manager (Full-time)

Data Scientist, University of Pennsylvenia

Research Project Manager, University of Pennsylvenia

Behavioral Science Coordinator, Cogito Corp

Data Scientist, JUST Capital

Consultant – VAL Health