Lab Manager, Haskins Laboratories (Full-time) 2019-05-27T17:15:09+00:00

Job description:

Qualified individuals are invited to apply for a full-time Lab Manager (Research Associate) position at Haskins Laboratories ( The successful candidate will join the lab of Professor Richard Aslin which investigates the cognitive and neural bases of language learning and development using behavioral and neuroimaging techniques (fMRI, EEG and fNIRS) in typically developing infants, children and adults. Professor Aslin conducts research on statistical language learning (supported by NIH grant HD-037082, joint with Professor Elissa Newport at Georgetown), language processing (supported by NIH grant DC-017596, joint with Professor Bob McMurry at Iowa), and neural coding (supported by NIH grant HD-088731, joint with Professor Jozsef Fiser at Central European University).

The successful candidate will work with Professor Aslin, his postdoctoral fellows, and other staff members to plan and execute data collection investigating the following questions:

  1. Behavioral testing of grammar learning. These experiments involve structured sequences of grammatical rules embedded in a touch-screen display. Data collection is targeted at young children (5- to 8-year-olds) and adults.
  2. EEG signals during on-line spoken word recognition. These experiments use arrays of 32-128 scalp electrodes to gather signals from adults, children, and infants as they listen to speech and compare what they hear to visual displays.
  3. fNIRS signals during natural viewing and statistical learning. These experiments use an optical imaging technique that samples a metabolic correlate of neural activity from infants, children, and adults as they listen to language or view natural visual scenes.

In addition to data collection, the position involves subject recruitment (infants and children) via the Yale Baby School, in collaboration with the Yale Child Study Center (Professor Linda Mayes) and the Yale Psychology Department (Professor Nicholas Turk-Browne). Requirements include:

  • •BA or BS in Psychology, Cognitive Science, Neuroscience or related field

Additional relevant skills include: 

  • Experience with human research, particularly with infants or children
  • Experience with neuroimaging techniques (EEG, fMRI, or fNIRS)
  • Experience with experimental presentation software packages (e.g., E-PRIME,
  • Presentation, PsychoPy)
  • Experience with statistical analysis (e.g., SPSS, R, Matlab) 
  • Experience with data management software (e.g., FileMakerPro, REDCap, Qualtrics)


Interested applicants should contact Tammy Ursini, Office Manager( with a cover letter, resume, copy of (unofficial) transcripts, and the names of three potential references.  Please note “Aslin Lab”, in the subject line of your email. The position will remain open until filled, with an anticipated start date of March 1, 2019 or sooner (a later start date is possible).