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Entry-level (1-3 years exp.)


Entry-level positions are geared toward recent graduates from top undergraduate and master’s programs. These opportunities may be project-based, summer internships, or full-time positions with leading firms or behavioral science consultancies, wheher industry or government. Entry-level opportunities should prepare you with the skills you need to take on a managerial and leadership position in a more senior role after 3-5 years experience. For that reason, we encourage early researchers to explore your interests in the safety of a well-known research group, try out something new, and build upon your research interests. If you did not complete a degree in behavioral science, these opportunities are entry-points into behavioral science skills and networks, as well as marketing, consulting, and business avenues with behavioral methods.


Research Assistant, Marketing, Chicago Booth (Full-time)
Contributing Author / Content Writer, Behavioral Insights Global (Freelance)
Project Coordinator, SuperShelf (hunger relief) (Full-time)
Contributing Writer, Behavioral Insights Global (Part-time)
Lab Manager, Princeton Psychology Department (Full-time)
Lab Manager, U-Delaware, Memory and Perception (Full-time)
Behavioral Scientist, Publicis (Full-time)
Program Manager, UC-Berkeley, Psychology & Economics of Poverty (Full-time)
Quantitative Researcher, Cengage (Full-time)
Program Associate: Evaluation, Research, and Behavior, The Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) (Full-time)
Behavioral Research Lab Coordinator, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Full-time)
Health Policy Analyst, Mathematica Policy Research (Full-time)
Analyst, Analytics, Initiative (Full-time)
Behavioral Science Coordinator, Cogito Corp (Full-time)
Research Assistant, Statistics and Methodology, NORC at University of Chicago
Technical Research Assistant, MDRC (Full-time)
Research Specialist, Psychology, U-Penn (Full-time)
Lab Manager, Kids’ Thinking Lab, U-Penn (Full-time)

Lab Manager, Social Learning Lab, Standford (Full-time)
Lab Manager / Research Assistant (Full-time)
Lab Coordinator, The Every Day Learning Study (Full-time)
Fellow Success Manager, Global Citizen Year (Full-time)
Research Manager, Department of Social and Health Sciences (Full-time)
Lab Manager, Haskins Laboratories (Full-time)
Research Assistant, UNC, Chapel Hill
Clinical Research Coordinator
Cognitive Scientist, Kairos Research (Full-time)
Research Scientist, FiscalNote (Full-time)

Behavioral Research Manager (Full-time)

Behavioral Scientist ReAssure (Full-time)

District Program Manager (Full-time)

Research Assistant, The Baby Talk Project

Lab Manager, University of Virginia

Lab Coordinator, Claremont College

Applied Economist, Wayfair, Boston

Applied Economist, Stell.ai

Research Assistant, Migration, Displacement and Humanitarian Policy

Behavioral Scientist, Lloyds Banking Group

People Scientist, Humu

Lab Manager, Social Cognitive Development Lab, University of Rochester

Research Coordinator, Baby’s FirstĀ  Years – Teachers College, Columbia, NY

Family Engagement Program Manager, University of Wisconsin Maddison

Associate Consultant – VAL Health

Senior Associate Consultant – VAL Health