PhD programme in Economics, Finance and Management, Pompeu Fabra University 2019-05-27T18:05:40+00:00

Job description:

The department of Economics and Business at Pompeu Fabra University is welcoming applications to its PhD programme in Economics, Finance and Management. We have a particular interest in candidates who aim to do research in Judgment and Decision Making, Behavioral and Experimental Economics. The department has a long tradition of research excellence in this area with professors such as Robin Hogarth (EADM interview), Rosemarie NagelJose Apesteguia (also head of the PhD programme), GaĆ«l Le Mens (summary of ERC project), Gert CornelissenDaniel Navarro-MartinezLarbi AlaouiFrancesco Cerigioni. Some of our research topics include stochastic choice, preference reversals, consumer behavior, moral values, social influence, coordination, competition, attitude change, opinion polarization, concepts and categories, Bayesian models, behavioral game theory. We have a well-functioning experimental laboratory with 28 inter-connected computers and ample research funding to run laboratory and online experiments.

Most admitted applicants receive a tuition waiver as well as a monthly stipend.

PhD studies take place in a challenging and stimulating intellectual environment that questions received wisdom and explores the boundaries of knowledge. Recent graduates have obtained job offers in elite institutions such as Stanford University, INSEAD, IESE Business School, ESADE, Bocconi University, Max Planck Institute for Human Development (Berlin), Universidad Carlos III (Madrid), Universidad de los Andes, University of California at San Diego, the Catholic University of Portugal, Tilburg University, Rotterdam University, Copenhagen Business School, Stockholm University, University of Bonn and University of Vienna.The deadline is approaching fast (March 15, 2019).


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