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Job description:

Wanted:  Co-founder-Co-Director CTO / Lead Mobile-App Engineer for activist startup (PT ok).
If you’re yearning to use your tech talents to make a huge leverage contribution to address the catastrophic climate trajectory the planet is on, or our grotesque level of income and wealth inequality, or the need for medicare4all, or to prevent the imminent threat of inadvertent nuclear war, etc. and you would like to enable progressive movement organizations and electoral campaigns to recruit, commit and better organize massively larger numbers of volunteers than ever before willing to do the big things—from effective canvassing to bird-dogging to mass scale (large and long enough to win) non-violent resistance, we need you.
We’re looking for a senior level native app developer to complete the implementation of our solution: a dramatic change in the way we organize for progressive causes, drawing from behavioral economics and recent discoveries from the campaign tech space. As Kurt Vonnegut put it: “In the battle between the forces of good and evil, greed and compassion, only one thing has ever made the difference—organizing.
WHO WE ARE: is an open source, non-profit, mobile-friendly app, 90% coded, with various other assets, that will be free to activists  (and licensed to well funded organizations) which was created to answer what organizers call “the mother of all questions:”How can progressive organizations recruit, commit, support/reward massively larger numbers of volunteers willing to do much bigger impact tasks to save our miraculous mother nature that took 65M years to create,  and create real democracy before it’s too late?

WinWisely is a unique integration of four functionalities, including crowdacting (see, the combination of which we believe we create a heretofore not yet seen synergy in mobilizing. In short, we say WinWisely is “Kickstarter and peer-bonding plus behavioral economics” meets movement organizing.” You can check out our one-pager for more information, along with reviews from almost 20 top organizers as well as IT Pros at When you write, we’ll send you our demo packet (an animation and a 10 min video demo)

  • At least 7 years fulltime programming experience, ideally doing both native apps (ideally both IOS and Android, but willing to accept just one if you think you might have a senior level friend able to do the other) and web-based mobile friendly apps.
  • Verifiable senior level skill(our current PT CTO will test you)
  • Verifiable devotion to our mission (document in your cover letter via bullet points)
  • You can be based anywhere
  • PT ok to start but willing to move to FT when sufficient funding arrives
  • Willing to work initially for very little until we are funded

COMPENSATION:  Since we are a not yet funded startup, albeit with a product almost ready to be beta tested, we ideally would want someone with cofounder values, ie willing to volunteer like the rest of us, at least for a short time. However:
Once we have completed beta tests and achieve POC, the role will pay up to 70% of private/market rate, and eventually full market rate. We know donors interested in 6 figure donations once we achieve POC. We are currently raising at least $5,000 to repurpose and improve upon  the current “Take back the Senate” version now in both app stores (under WinWisely), to apply it to causes, such as stopping pipelines, passing Medicare4All legislation, passing a robust Green New Deal (Marshall Plan, In addition, In addition, if able to move, we can offer free housing where the Zapatista Revolution began, in San Cristobal de las Casas, in Chiapas.
LOCATION: You can be anywhere. We are in various locations on West and East Coast, Mx, and Germany.
TIMELINE: ASAP, assuming you can start at 20hrs/wk. We also welcome a senior level (native app) Tech adviser.


TO APPLY: If serious, do not just send a resume. Your motivation/passion is equally important

  • Read over our one-pager at org, and then check out some top organizer reviews here.
  • Watch this 3-minute video describing just one of our 4 key functionalities
  • Email Gary@WinWisely.orgwith subject line “WinWisely CTO/Tech Lead”
  • In your cover letter (don’t worry about making it formal) verify in bullet points your passion for progressive causes (justice) causes—climate, economic, healthcare, criminal, or any other. And also of course highlight your skills and years coding including samples of relevant apps you’ve coded (or if no longer in app store, demos), and feel free to expound on the sort of project management you need, ie your own requirements to feel happy on this journey with our team
  • Attach resume
  • Include your cell phone number in your email.
  • Please feel free to check if your application has been received by calling Gary at 650 383 8435(10am-11pm EST,8am-midnight PST). We’ll try to get back to you within 24 hours.