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Senior-level / Executive (5+ years exp.)


Senior-level roles are designed for experts with more than 5 years experience in applying behavioral insights. These roles may require more managerial duties, as you oversee teams, or focus on product and service delivery methods within a large organization or corporation. For those who are seeking new challenges, there are also opportunities to start business units, partner with existing firms like Behavioral Insights Global to tackle bigger questions, and/or lead new initiatives. For the most part, these are roles focusing on advisory, managerial, and core research job functions. Behavioral scientists should hold a Ph.D., though there are exceptions for those with equivalent industry-level experience.


Research Lead, Digital Health Lab, Samsung Electronics (Full-time)
Partner, Behavioral Insights Global (Varied)
Head of Marketing Decision Science, Facebook (Full-time)
Manager, Marketing Decision Science, Facebook (Full-time)
Director, Behavioral Science, Headspace (Full-time)
Director, Strategic Pricing, Analytic Recruiting, Inc. (Full-time)
Research Manager, Sentient Decision Science (Full-time)
Vice President of Research, Feeding America (Full-time)
Manager, Market Research, Capital One (Full-time)
Senior Manager, Market Research, Capital One (Full-time)
Principal Associate, Market Research, Capital One (Full-time)
Senior Manager, Connections Science, Amazon (Full-time)
Research Fellow, Behavioral Economics, UnitedHealth Group (Full-time)
Senior Manager Workforce Analytics, PepsiCo (Full-time)
Senior Researcher, Communication Research (Full-time)
Health Economics Advisor (Full-time)
Program Director, Field Experiments and Behavioral Research Methodologies, Harvard Business School (Full-time)
Principal Research Manager, Amazon Go (Full-time)
VP of Behavioral Insights, Rally Health (Full-time)
Senior Qualitative Researcher, Remesh (Full-time)
Senior Consultant Behavioral Insights, Discover Financial Services (Full-time)
Partner, Consumer Brand Research, Hall & Partners
Co-Founder, WinWisely

Chief Learning Officer, The Possible Project in Boston
Executive Director, Louisiana Policy Institute for Children
Executive Director, Educare Lincoln
Deputy Chief Human Capital Officer, BPS Office of Human Capital