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Job description:

The University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE, Hamburg, Germany) is inviting highly qualified and motivated candidates to apply for two 3-year postdoctoral positions embedded in the recently established “Decision Neuroscience Group” at the Department of Neurophysiology and Pathophysiology, led by Konstantinos Tsetsos. These positions are part of the European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant “Information Sampling in Multiattribute Choice” (INFOSAMPLE) awarded to Konstantinos Tsetsos. This project will utilise tools from sensory neuroscience in order to characterise how humans distribute their attention across time during multiattribute decisions.  Using this approach we aspire to understand why humans reverse their preferences irrationally, when irrelevant alternatives are added to the choice-set.

The postdoctoral researchers will be involved in designing and conducting psychophysical experiments using MEG and pharmacology, in analysing MEG data, and in working with computational models of attention & decision-making. A sufficiently strong quantitative background is required for both positions. Prior experience with MEG or neuroimaging research is not a requirement. Instead, lack of experience with neuroscientifc techniques can be compensated by a solid background in judgment & decision-making, behavioural economics, or any other related discipline.

The positions are available for three years and may start on the 01.06.2019 or the soonest possible after that date. The positions will be remunerated at salary level E13 TV-KAH, 100%.


Applicants should send their CV and publication list, a brief statement of research interests as well as the names of two referees to Dr Konstantinos Tsetsos ( <>) until the 10th of May, 2019. Informal inquiries about the positions can also be addressed to K. Tsetsos. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview.

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