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Entry-level (1-3 years exp.)


Entry-level positions are geared toward recent graduates from top undergraduate and master’s programs. These opportunities may be project-based, summer internships, or full-time positions with leading firms or behavioral science consultancies, wheher industry or government. Entry-level opportunities should prepare you with the skills you need to take on a managerial and leadership position in a more senior role after 3-5 years experience. For that reason, we encourage early researchers to explore your interests in the safety of a well-known research group, try out something new, and build upon your research interests. If you did not complete a degree in behavioral science, these opportunities are entry-points into behavioral science skills and networks, as well as marketing, consulting, and business avenues with behavioral methods.


Research Assistant, Marketing, Chicago Booth (Full-time)
Contributing Author / Content Writer, Behavioral Insights Global (Freelance)
Project Coordinator, SuperShelf (hunger relief) (Full-time)
Contributing Writer, Behavioral Insights Global (Part-time)
Lab Manager, Princeton Psychology Department (Full-time)
Lab Manager, U-Delaware, Memory and Perception (Full-time)
Behavioral Scientist, Publicis (Full-time)
Program Manager, UC-Berkeley, Psychology & Economics of Poverty (Full-time)
Quantitative Researcher, Cengage (Full-time)
Program Associate: Evaluation, Research, and Behavior, The Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) (Full-time)
Behavioral Research Lab Coordinator, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Full-time)
Health Policy Analyst, Mathematica Policy Research (Full-time)
Analyst, Analytics, Initiative (Full-time)
Behavioral Science Coordinator, Cogito Corp (Full-time)
Research Assistant, Statistics and Methodology, NORC at University of Chicago
Technical Research Assistant, MDRC (Full-time)
Research Specialist, Psychology, U-Penn (Full-time)
Lab Manager, Kids’ Thinking Lab, U-Penn (Full-time)

Lab Manager, Social Learning Lab, Standford (Full-time)
Lab Manager / Research Assistant (Full-time)
Lab Coordinator, The Every Day Learning Study (Full-time)
Fellow Success Manager, Global Citizen Year (Full-time)
Research Manager, Department of Social and Health Sciences (Full-time)
Lab Manager, Haskins Laboratories (Full-time)
Research Assistant, UNC, Chapel Hill
Clinical Research Coordinator
Cognitive Scientist, Kairos Research (Full-time)
Research Scientist, FiscalNote (Full-time)